Thursday, September 21, 2006

at least the zucchini came through

So, for breakfast and lunch, I had leftover yesterday’s beet/potato (vinigret) salad. Since I was suddenly craving it last night, I made almost a whole bucket of it, and since noone here but me finds it appetizing, it’s all mine, MINE, MINE!!!

For dinner, let’s say I was way over my head. What do you feed a person (DH), who is a devoted meat eater, who demands vegetarian food two times a week, and yet completely not interested in the usual vegetarian fare? I’m supplied a whole list of no-nos (beans, tofu, mock-meat, etc…). Honestly, which one of us is pregnant? I’m looking forward to chicken days – as long as it’s chicken, he doesn’t seem to mind.

So I settled on a plan that included stuffed bell peppers with zucchini pancakes. The first dilemma was, when do I make it, just before DH gets home, or way in advance, and thus risking that it will all get cold and nasty… (not to mention that I realized that I didn’t have any peppers or zucchini and had to drag myself and kiddo to the store.)

So I courageously prepped the stuffing (read: rice with some veggies) in advance. (What was I thinking? The horrible, horrible smell of frying onions and garlic… which I clearly recall that when I’m not pregnant I seem to enjoy… I need a nose clip. If this experiment is to continue, I need to find quality nose clip…)

Then once the baby (read: little monster that is in no way interested in sleeping at normal predictable hours, but prefers to drive mommy crazy all day long, till way past 7pm, and that’s a nap…) finally fell asleep, I discovered that I don’t have an appropriate pot for the oven. Well, I’ve came this far, so it was gonna be stuffed peppers and no if/end/buts about it! So I set them in my precious cake baking form….

How did they turn out? Let’s just say they looked better than they tasted. (Not that they were bad, but really nothing special and not worth all the effort.)

The zucchini pancakes though… They were a hit! On advice of my father, I added potatoes and onions (so that’s 5 zucchinis, 3 potatoes, 1 onion, 2 eggs, and about a cup of flower).

They turned out so good, even the kiddo ate them!

There was going to be a salad… But I lost steam…

But I have to say, I’m quite impressed with myself today.

Tomorrow's plan? Call Pizza.... (hopefully just kidding)

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