Friday, September 22, 2006

food court... but i have a legitimate reason!

I’m trying to be honest on this blog. So as much as I would love to post about the wonderful sumptuous turkey dinner I concocted for my family today, the reality was… a food court at the mall…

But I really have a legitimate reason! Honestly!!!

And that reason is: we went to a car dealership. Yes, we are trying to buy a second car (for me), because living in suburbia without a car (per adult) is like living on a lake without a boat. Especially in a suburbia that is still under construction -- even if I wanted (yah, sure) to take an hour-long healthy walk to a store, I’d be met with a “minor” obstacle – no sidewalks!

So, anyways, we’ve been looking into buying a specific car for about 5 months now (yes, I know, we are slow…) We’ve been to the dealer what seems like a hundred times. Same dealer. He must be getting pretty sick of us. So, today we were sure it was gonna be one last time. We even took money for deposit with us.

No such luck. Over 2 hours later we were still at a stalemate on price. Isn’t it amazing how a certain price quoted on an ad can gain a whole of $10,000 when they actually lay down for you what you’ll have to pay? Because there is freight… and admin fee… and air tax… and gas tax… and tax on those taxes… and… and… and…

We are already way over the original budget…

And just as we were ready to get it all over and done with (i.e. succumb to sales pressure), the kid realized that he barely had any breakfast (well, he only ate an apple – his own fault!), and was hungry NOW, and NO ARGUING ABOUT IT.

Which brings me to why we ended up in the mall, buying take-out food, instead of home sitting down for a homey meal. Because the mall was closer.

So here’s how that turned out:

Tofu for me:

Souvlaki (greek chicken kebabs) for the kiddo (and yes, he ate most of this... he really WAS hungry).

And thirsty... (behold: this is the kid that refuses to acknowledge sippy-cups as a viable liquid vessel, yet has learned to drink through a straw about the same time as he turned one... and yes, this is a horribly undiluted apple juice from concentrate, but he WAS thirsty!)

Teriyaki chicken for DH...

And in the end… Still no car.

Posted by vasilisa @ 8:20 p.m.

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I hope that you make some progress with the car today! Your son is so cute and I really like your blog. Thank you for stopping by mine!

Posted by Blogger Anali @ 11:28 a.m. #

Thank you, Anali!

Monday is the day. We are getting the car... This must happen cause it's getting crazy... Whoever heard of shopping half a year for just one car? :-)

Posted by Blogger vasilisa @ 2:11 p.m. #

The food. Oh my gosh it is making me so hungry just looking at it. All of it.

Posted by Anonymous Annie @ 9:36 p.m. #
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