Sunday, March 04, 2007

A meme...

I’ve been tagged for a meme! Yeh! One less post topic to think about… :-)

The invitation came from the wonderful Gerda of “Dinner for One” fame…

And the meme is about 6 weird food facts about me… So, without further ado…

1. My favourite fruit/veg/food item is… tomato! Yup… I love tomatoes beyond belief and can easily eat them whole like other people eat peaches or apples. And I’ll take cherry tomatoes over candy any time :-)

2. When I was a little kid (and up until I turned 11) I was the pickiest eater ever. But then the summer I turned 11 I went to a special summer camp for a month… While the camp itself was pretty good, the food was more of a “camp Krusty” variety. Not only was it not enough and not very tasty, but the big kids had a knack of obtaining even the foods that I did want to eat… I’ve never been THAT picky since…

3. Another obsession I had as a kid (and to a certain extent still do) was having a separate plate for everything I was eating. I couldn’t stand the idea of foods intermixing. If I absolutely had to eat from the same plate, I would do my best to separate the foods, and then eat them in some kind of special order, the specialness of which would be decided on the spot.

4. I absolutely cannot stand cooked oats. Be they in any shape or form with any amount of jam or honey added. Stems from having to have the “nutritious” porridge practically every day as a kid. (My parents were old fashioned that way…). Even the smell of oatmeal makes me gag and run from the room…

5. Up until I reached the age of 18 I’ve only had fast-food (MacDonalds) maybe 3 times in my life. And only’ve been to a couple of restaurants. It was all home food. But then I met my future husband who introduced me to the concept of going out, and I’ve been a restaurant addict ever since. So blame it on the hubs :-)

6. I love apple sauce. The one that comes in baby-jars… Even before I had a baby I used to stock up on those tiny jars and bring them to work, like normal people do yogurt. And yes, I did get weird looks from people. Especially when it was accompanied by a whole tomato :-) (see point 1).

Let’s see now… I think I’m supposed to tag someone too… Ok then…

I’m tagging Leslie and Anali :-)

Posted by vasilisa @ 6:44 a.m.

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Great meme and I see that I've been tagged! I'll have this up in a few days. This works out really well, because I was tagged by someone else for a food meme too, so I'll do a combination. : )

Posted by Blogger Anali @ 11:17 a.m. #

A food meme! Yummy. I'll do mine this week!

Your tomato thing? My dad is like that with onions! Ick.

Posted by Anonymous Leslie @ 11:58 a.m. #

I'm a fan of tomatoes, but not to that extent.

You don't know what you are missing when it comes to mixing foods! You can put mashed potatoes on anything, including cold cereal. I even add it to coffee.

Posted by Anonymous Joshua Xalpharis @ 10:30 a.m. #

I'm with you on the oatmeal. YUCK! But, still, I do try to convince myself it would be good for me!

Posted by Blogger PunditMom @ 2:53 p.m. #

You DIDN'T??!! Went to Mickey D's just 3 times until 18!!!WOW!!! You need an award lady!:D
Good for you, you got the Indian after 18! HeHe!!!
You left out the Potatoes,your favorite! Well..I got Aloo and more Aloo in my latest post!;)
Have a great week Lisa.

Posted by Blogger Asha @ 5:52 p.m. #

I became addicted to fast food after I graduated from college. It was so convenient. Now, we hardly go out because of the three little monsters.

Posted by Anonymous Daddy Forever @ 11:03 p.m. #

hey,hope all's well....nice and an interesting meme!

stay warm.

Posted by Blogger trupti @ 3:08 p.m. #
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