Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Me being good girl. Me being cooking. Rice and salads. Fish for kiddo. Chicken for daddy. Beets for mommy.

But no pictures… Why? Cause the camera is safely tucked away in my purse, with an emptied memory and extra batteries. Just in case. Cause if I go into labour in the middle of the night and I’m still not ready, I’m taking just three things – video camera, regular camera, and a massage ball. I know my priorities… All I have to do is survive (hence the massage ball – cause no matter how much my doc says that I’m unlikely to have another marathon of back labour, better safe than sorry), and record the baby’s first minutes (or he’ll inevitably ask me how come his brother has a tape and he doesn’t). The rest? I’m sure we’ll get by.

Of course in case of no-emergency the bag is going to be over-packed with useless things like magazines no-one cares to read, music I’m to tired to listen too, and clothes I won’t fit into for another ten years. Provided the bag makes it out of the basement in time, of course…

But seriously… At this point last time around I was panicking. I was absolutely terrified of labour… I even made a useless trip to the hospital cause I thought I was feeling “weird”. Now – I feel like a seasoned pro. Like I can’t be surprised with anything. What have you got for me? Back labour? Forceps? Bring it on… Honestly, the actual delivery is the simplest part of the process… Nature and doctors take care of it. It’s what comes after that’s stressful. The whole “your life is changed forever” part. And “there is a new human in your life and you’re responsible! FOREVER!!!”…

I remember last time I took a pre-labour class. Weeks of hour-long sessions. And did I learn anything useful there? I don’t think so. When I actually went into labour, nothing happened according to the plan. Instead we had a whole string of events that were “not very likely”.

So I’m not planning anything now. I’m not setting myself up with any expectations other than having a safely delivered healthy baby. That’s all that matters…

And keeping the cameras ready…

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I think you're smart.

When I had Julia, I tried to plan it all. I even wrote a birth plan. (I'd like to slap whoever suggested I should do that.) All I accomplished was making a list of things that didn't happen the way I wanted them to. What mattered was that she was born healthy, but I felt bad for a long time over my c-section. Like I had failed or something, which I realize now, is ridiculous.

It sounds like you're ready! The waiting is the hardest part.

Posted by Anonymous Leslie @ 9:56 a.m. #

Camera in the purse! You are all set. Good luck!!! Hope your hospital bag has found its way up from the basement.

Posted by Anonymous Hema @ 3:05 p.m. #

Hope all goes well with the little package and delivery.

Godspeed. :D

Posted by Blogger Alexys Fairfield @ 9:57 p.m. #
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