Saturday, September 23, 2006

where the word "which" gets used a record number of times...

So it all started with a very bad hair day:

Which made me finally realize that the kid really needs a haircut, at which point getting one became an emergency (because whenever I finally realize something, it inevitably becomes an emergency), and called for an immediate trip to the hair-dresser:

Which happened to be at the mall. Which led to mommy buying herself the exact same tofu as yesterday:

Which really is ok. Because at the start of your 5th month of relentless morning sickness (and daily head down the toilet ritual), when you find something you actually want to eat – YOU GET IT. RIGHT AWAY!

But then I thought, the boys still deserve a decent dinner. So a trip to the grocery store ensued. Which meant that I didn’t eat the tofu right away. Which meant that by the time I decided to, I didn’t want it anymore. In fact, I REALY didn’t want it (darn morning/noon/night sickness). So I had to settle for a bowl of strawberries instead.

(and Cheetos… but that’s a secret, so no pic…)

So, as for the boys’ dinner:

Now, here is a strange thing. Over these many years I’ve introduced my husband to a whole variety of scrumptious Russian food. Most of it elicited raised eyebrows, a response of a “how interesting…” kind and a polite “do we have anything else to eat here?”. But then the “military style pasta” happened. I mean, really! -- It’s just meat fried with onions and mixed with pasta. Add salt and pepper to taste. That was a hit! Now every other day he’s asking if I’m in a mood to make some pasta.

So, to make a long story short, that is what I made for them today.

Because it was fast, and easy, and most of the cooking time I could spend away from the kitchen, saving my precious nose from the cooking smells. And because, my son also finds it to be the most delicious thing ever, on par with strawberries, grapes and ice cream.

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You've got quite a cutie there! He looks great with the new haircut.

Posted by Blogger Mrs. Ca @ 9:26 p.m. #

Seems like you're doing pretty well, so far! I don't cook much either, and we're going through a similar process. Good luck, and if I stumble upon any yummy recipes I'll pass them along!

Posted by Blogger Amy Jo @ 11:44 a.m. #
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