Thursday, October 12, 2006

This post has no clear focus, except for maybe spaghetti…

Very busy day. Lots of it was spent outside the house. The part in the house was spent sleeping. Dinner was, therefore, leftover spaghetti and grandma’s.

Now, normally I make some easier-manageable pasta for the kid, like shell pasta, or rigatoni -- basically something of a small grab-able variety. But today he demanded my spaghetti (despite having perfectly acceptable shell chunks right in front of him). Which is the set-up for the following photo-essay, entitled “what the heck is this?” Ahem…, trying to distract my audience from very apparent lack of cooking… Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to post an explanation… (as in, the car better come through…)

What is wrong with this pasta? How are you supposed to grab it? No really, how?

Now, maybe if I try to stick it in my mouth with both hands...

Well, almost there...

Mom! I want more!

So that's the story of our first spaghetti. The story of subsequent cleanup will have to remain untold… It was way too graphic...

And on a different note, look who made a reappearance!

Yes, the Cheetos that started it all are back… And are taking good care of mommy's cheesy cravings.

And what’s up with the weather? We had rain, we had hail. And now it’s 1 Degree outside. And it’s gonna be in the minuses overnight… (And enough with all the "and" already...)

O summer, where art thou?

Posted by vasilisa @ 11:33 p.m.

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A Cheetos bag... in French.

O Canada!

I think we'll have pasta tonight.

Posted by Blogger Gunfighter @ 6:17 a.m. #

Your kid is having LOT of fun there!! Well! did you have fun cleaning up ?!:D:D

Posted by Blogger Foodie's Hope @ 9:29 a.m. #

You have such a beautiful son. Those eyes! That hair! He should be in diaper commercials or something.

And, yuck - the whole run around with the car dealer. But good for you for standing firm on a price; hopefully, he'll eventually make the sale. It must be very frustrating to be at home without access to a car for most of the day.

And I HEAR YA on the Cheetos! At least they don't have any trans fats - practically health food, right? ;)

Posted by Blogger Kelley @ 9:32 a.m. #

Gunfighter: I didn't even notice it was in French...:-) I guess I'm used to it -- everything here is labled in two languages...

Asha: I think he had more fun than I did... that's for sure

Kelley: Thanks :-) I was thinking something along those lines, but I really don't want to become a "stage mom"... So much for his trust fund...
As for the car... It wasn't just the price. We sorted that a while ago. It was waiting, and tinkering, etc... I'll update in today's post.
And really, what could be healthier than Cheetos? Hurray for Cheetos!!! (it's a vegetable, right?)

Posted by Blogger vasilisa @ 5:39 p.m. #

Nothing is healthier than Cheetoes! It's a root vegetable, right?

(Well, it looks like one.)

Posted by Blogger Kelley @ 8:03 p.m. #
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