Monday, October 02, 2006

A day of lots of rice…

It’s so happened that I didn’t get any chance to do grocery shopping today. And the only thing I have in abundance here is rice. So first I made this rice salad. Traditionally I make it with tuna, but since it’s a veg. day, I used a beans medley. And then whatever else I found: some onion, half a celery stick, one lonely red pepper, a can of corn, and a bit of cilantro. Mix with mayonnaise. Surprisingly simple and eatable.

But then in the evening husband and kid declared that they want more rice. So after searching far and wide in the jungles of my fridge, a zucchini, some carrots and a lonely broccoli were found. Mixed with more rice they produced a pretty good pilaf.

And there was some omelette. Cause rice by itself just doesn't cut it.

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