Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas has been survived...

Ok, one down… The Christmas is done…

And it wasn’t too bad at all! It was actually fun. It even included me shooting some hoops, albeit from a sitting on the couch position. Only on (at?) Christmas…

But first:

See? I did put up that Christmas tree. I eventually came up with a solution to my toddler-breaks-all-ornaments-dilemma, and a last minute trip to the store to buy shutter-proof decorations (and not much fuss, by the way, cause we were the only people buying Christmas decorations the day before Christmas) resulted in an amazing toddler-proof tree! And the kiddo loved it! In fact, every morning for these past few days starts with him demanding that I turn the tree lights on. He’s completely mesmerized by it. And he really helped me decorate it. Every time I’d put an ornament up, he’d take it off and bring it back to me. I guess he really wanted to prolong the fun…

As for the Christmas itself – on Christmas Eve we watched “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I know it sounds corny, but believe it or not, this is the first time my husband ever seen it, so it was genuinely fun. And we ate two huge pizzas, all by ourselves. Which means somewhere there is a turkey that is very grateful…

The Christmas Day should be officially renamed the kiddo’s day. Cause it was all about the kiddo. The kiddo getting gifts from everyone and running around ecstatic between all those boxes and actually been allowed to rip off the wrapping paper. Cause normally mommy goes ballistic at the slightest hint of a ripping sound (usually meaning he’s “reading” a book too zealously).

Let see now… he got a hockey set, a computer game thingy (educational! I can't believe they make them for toddlers...), a basketball set with a basket stand (which explains the above mentioned hoops shooting), a doodling pad (with water! so no mess!), a motorcycle (not a real one, but close…), a tool set, building blocks, a giggling Elmo chair… I’m probably forgetting something. And he is still gonna be getting more, cause my parents don’t buy into the whole get the gift-on-Christmas concept yet (related to the whole Russians and New Years thing I told you about before...), so there will certainly be New Year’s gifts . Cause this year it’s ok. He doesn’t really care for Santa yet. In fact, he’s been pretty wary of strangers lately, so I figured let’s not freak out the child with a red-fat-hairy-dude from somewhere North. We’ll get there next year, I’m sure.

And as for me, I can feel that I’m slowly developing a present that I got from my hubs, I suspect. It’s called a flu and it’s creeping up my throat and ears. And I better not be an incoherent blob on New Years Eve. Cause that would make me very mad. Even if incoherently.

On account of which, let me dish out some advice to all the pregnant woman out there (or thinking of being pregnant, or those who know pregnant women): please don’t go searching the web for things like “flu in pregnancy”. Cause five minutes into such search your blood will boil with terror, and you’ll somehow arrive at some statistic of an influenza telling you all the horrible things that could happen. Especially if you suffer from a “click-a-linkus” syndrome. Which somehow led to me now reading about the great pandemics in history… Like the bubonic plague… Very holidayish uplifting stuff… Brrr…

So I’m drinking my fluids, eating 20 clementines a day (my vitamin C option) and hoping that somehow it will just past me by. And keeping my fingers crossed that the kiddo escapes the flu season, cause I just couldn’t handle both (or should I say all three of us?) being sick at the same time.

But for now all is still cool. I’m still in holiday spirits (despite my attempt to go to the mall on a Boxing Day to buy a new DVD player – what was I thinking?). I still have the tree (which I intend to keep till mid January). And I still plan on having a non-pizza related feast sometime this year. In this house. Made by me. Or at least contributed to by me.

So Dad, I’m counting on you for that New Years' dinner.

But I totally plan on helping.

The tomato will be sliced by yours truly.

And maybe even relocated onto a plate.

The rest we’ll figure as we go along…

Posted by vasilisa @ 12:07 a.m.

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What is it with men and never having seen It's a Wonderful Life? My husband hasn't seen it either!

I'm glad you had a good Christmas, but I'm sorry you're sick! I've been coated in antibacterial hand gel for the past few days, trying to avoid the same fate!

Posted by Blogger Kelley @ 1:38 a.m. #

I hope you feel better soon! I like how you call it "The Christmas." LOL! It reminds me of something "The Donald" would say. : )

Posted by Blogger Anali @ 6:56 p.m. #

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Your tree looks good!

I hope you feel better!

Posted by Anonymous Leslie @ 9:44 p.m. #

I've seen Wonderful Life once. I liked it, but not enough to see it again. Maybe it is a guy thing. However, I do like the Song of Music...enough to even buy the DVD.

Posted by Anonymous Daddy Forever @ 9:53 p.m. #

I got a flu jab meant for pregnant pple, didn't you? Anyways, hope you are feeling better.

Posted by Anonymous simcooks @ 11:41 p.m. #
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