Saturday, December 16, 2006

Flava Flav...

First of all, what is up with Blogger? It won’t let me leave comments on people’s blogs (I’m really sorry for not commenting, but I’ve been blocked everywhere!), or even sign in into my own. And I actually had something to write. And now I completely forgot what it was. Darn…

But whatever that was, now I’d like to ponder the following… A little show called “Flavor Flav” or something like that… Does anyone actually watch it? The first few times I skipped through channels and caught a glimpse of it, I thought it was some kind of “weirdos’r’us” commercial. But it appears to be a whole show. I mean, I thought the whole concept of “Bachelor” was ridiculous, and I couldn’t believe they showed that on TV… Boy, was I wrong… Bachelor is peanuts compared to this. And the show is run on the music channel… The channel mostly viewed by teenagers… Wow! What great role models! What amazing aspirations for our little girls… Just think, with so much competition out there, you still have a chance to get your own “Flava…”

Holly …

This whole reality TV insanity is beginning to get on my nerve. At least when I watch fiction, where people make idiots out of themselves, I know it’s fiction. But this reality TV phenomena shattered my faith in humanity. It really did. Please tell me it’s all scripted. Please tell me that parents on those “Honey, we’re killing the kids” series are pretending to be clueless, or that the American Idol wannabes do not actually think they can sing.

But the “Bachelor” type (and it’s latest incarnation – Flava…) are the ones that really make me stall. Does anyone, in the show or watching, actually fall for it? Why would women want to compete for a guy they never met before and really don’t know? Is self respect completely gone out of dating? Or are they so desperate to get famous they are willing to do anything, literally?

Cause I’m sure the girls on the show are not looking for love. In circles less polite then my blog they’d be called some really unappealing words… relating to certain ancient professions…

But heck, with the direction modern networks are taking (which sometimes at night make me wonder if I by mistake signed up for strange channels previously reserved only for specially paid TV) I think exploring the nitty-gritty of that profession is the great next reality TV idea.

America’s Top ****, anyone?

Posted by vasilisa @ 3:00 a.m.

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i had the biggest troubles posting and logging in when i switched from regular blogger to beta.blogger a few weeks back. my browser had the old login/password in the cache ... maybe that is the problem. but on the other hand, i got a message from someone who wanted to leave a comment on my blog yesterday ... and it did not work! perhaps blogger is experiencing some technical issues ...

Posted by Blogger tschoerda @ 6:54 a.m. #

That Flava Flav show is disgusting! We've caught bits and pieces of it while flipping through the channels. Yuck. He's one gross little man. And the women? Ick.

I like some reality tv, but I don't get that one.

Posted by Anonymous Leslie @ 11:43 a.m. #

Reality T.V. needs a reality check. It shows humans at their lowest form of development. Cave men were better behaved than these reprobates.

Aparently, it is one of the most highy rated shows. As far as them being scripted -- they are to a point. The producers suggest things to the cast to stir the action up, i.e. if one character hates another, the producers will do everything to make sure those characters are in scenes together and let the cat claws fly.

I thought reality T.V. had reached its peak, but there are more shows on the horizon. God help us.

Posted by Blogger Alexys Fairfield @ 2:42 p.m. #

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Posted by Blogger tigerfish @ 12:40 p.m. #

Hi, I was seaching for problems posting comments in blogger and found ur blog! I had the same problems recently :(

Then I realized when choosing identity, pick the "other" option instead of the "google/blogger" option. If the option is solely "blogger", then using this option is okay. Only when the option is"google/blogger account", then it just don't seem to work when you enter your blogger info. So, use the "other" option (enter name and webpage) in that case. It should work. Good luck.

Posted by Blogger tigerfish @ 12:42 p.m. #

I have no patience for reality tv shows.Especially the Flava Flav Freakshow,how disgusting. TV is no longer what it used to be years ago, I mean, when I actually looked forward to watching a particular show. Now, its just another accessory in my home.

Thanks for the add! Hope you're feeling better nowadays.


Posted by Anonymous Trupti @ 4:37 p.m. #

hey found your blog thru tschoerda.

blogger has gone mental. having same problems. leads one to 4 lettered words, lol. :P

greeting from the province next door

Posted by Blogger burekaboy — @ 5:55 p.m. #

I would love to be behind the scenes when they cast these shows. I would love to see the criteria for making the cut. Having a mental disorder or a substance abuse problem seems to be key...

Posted by Anonymous kelley @ 12:50 p.m. #

I would love to be behind the scenes when they cast these shows. I would love to see the criteria for making the cut. Having a mental disorder or a substance abuse problem seems to be key...

Posted by Blogger Kelley @ 12:56 p.m. #

Tschoerda: They must be... Seems like lots of people are having issues.

Leslie: It's the most ridiculous show on TV. I can't believe how low the networks can go...

Alexys: With this selection we need all the help we can get! But I really can't believe people are actually watching this!

Tigerfish: I've tried that, and it worked. But it is annoying. Honestly, if they are going to transfer everyone over to Beta, that should make sure it works first. (I think Beta transfer is the culprit, thought it's just a theory.)

Trupti: I still watch TV -- it's kind of in the background, but I'm really preffering children's programs nowadays, cause the rest of it, especially during day time is pretty pathetic.

Burekaboy: Welcome to my blog! And by the way, I love burekas... You can get some mighty good ones around Toronto area... :-)

Kelley: You're on to something here! Sanity and realistic self-assessment are certainly not required for these shows.

Posted by Blogger vasilisa @ 10:27 p.m. #
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