Sunday, November 26, 2006

Off tangent…

I haven’t been posting cause I’ve been insanely/incredulously busy with all kinds of secret and non-secret projects, that I’ve had no time to cook/write/think or even visit others in the blogosphere (for which I’m sorry, I’ll be improving soon). But I’m sure you’ve all been pretty busy too, with Thanksgiving in the US and all… Hopefully we’ll all make it to Monday when normalcy shall reign supreme once again.

Though not really. Cause I’ve seen the subtle changes in the air. Like radio channels doing a switcheroo and all playing Christmas music (which I don’t really mind… but not 24 hours a day…). And houses around our neighbourhood are lighting up. And car is having a stubborn layer of ice all over it at night. And storeowners are looking out from behind their counters like they are getting ready for the hunting season…

So I guess, Christmas season is here. And I totally am still in the game. Am planning to put those towels up first thing Monday. And maybe even think about the menu. And the gifts… And the whole decorating thing. It will happen. And not on December 24th. I’m working on being proactive.

And just the thought that next Christmas we’ll be a family of four… It’s so mind boggling. I can’t believe how fast time goes by. It’s as if once you hit 20, your life goes on overdrive, and keeps gaining speed every year. Time used to be such a stretchy thing. From birthday to birthday you had to wait forever and a day. Now… Didn’t we just have Christmas? (Nope, that was a year ago)… Didn’t I just find out I was pregnant with number one? (Nope, that was over two years ago, and you’re on number two now…) Didn't I just pay the bills yesterday? (Nope...)

Which has both perks and drawbacks, naturally. The drawbacks are obvious – getting older faster, running out of time to do things that were planned.

But speeding time also has its perks. It’s much easier to be patient. Cause weeks, months, even years, don’t seem to be so distant any more.

I’m needing lots of patience now. Things I want to happen faster are just taking way more time than I expected. But that's ok. I'm much more patient now than I was at 16. And that's the benefit of growing up.

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Take it easy Lisa! Get some help with all those Christmas decos and cooking etc.Next year,you will have to be busier with two kiddies hanging around you:) Sounds wonderful, doesn't it girl?!

Have a great week.I will bake some cookies for you in the coming weeks.We will be off to Florida again for 2 weeks on the 3rd week of Dec.We don't have Christmas but will do some cooking though:)

Posted by Blogger Asha @ 7:56 a.m. #

I know what you mean about how the passage of time seems to change as you grow older. Not a day goes by that I don't think about how quickly Julia is growing and notice something new on my body that reminds me that the years are slipping away. I guess it's a good thing that aging happens when you're older and more equipped to handle it.

The Christmas spirit is finally hitting me and once I'm finished up on-line, I'm off to put up some Christmas lights. Yay Christmas!

Posted by Anonymous Leslie @ 2:58 p.m. #

It's so true: after you hit 20 or so, time picks up speed. It's really starting to freak me out; I wish I could put the brakes on it for a little while!

Good luck with the secret project! I am so anxious to know what you are up to... :)

Posted by Blogger Kelley @ 1:01 p.m. #
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