Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Isn't it about time?

All I can say is… WHY AM I STILL HERE? Kiddo number one had already popped out by this time. After that over-24-hour-marathon labour. Aren’t second babies supposed to come sooner? Isn’t that what I was told?

But kiddo number two seems to be in no rush what so ever…


It’s been nine months. Time to face the world…

Come on, kiddo… Mommy’s totally loosing her cool here...

Posted by vasilisa @ 4:32 p.m.

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I saw your blog flash by at the bottom of the blogger home page, and I clicked and was directed here. I just wanted to say congratulations! Babies are kind of cool.

(so done procrastinating)

Posted by Blogger Amanda @ 4:39 p.m. #

When I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with Julia, I tried so hard to go into labor. I was walking around the block, eating spicy food, forcing Dave to have sex with me - all the things they say will make you go into labor. I never did start on my own.

You will, though. He's just fashionably late - waiting to make his big entrance.

Posted by Anonymous Leslie @ 8:31 p.m. #

Wow! I keep checking expecting to see some news and baby pictures. He sure is taking his sweet time. I'm sure it will be soon, so stay cool! : )

Posted by Blogger Anali @ 9:53 p.m. #

Ooh. I thought this was your post about having the baby already. Our first child was the stubborn one. Almost a whole day. The last two practically popped out by the time we got to the hospital.

Posted by Anonymous Daddy Forever @ 11:55 p.m. #

Hang in there. I'm sure he's gearing up to be a little fireball.

Posted by Blogger peepnroosmom @ 2:43 p.m. #

Usually,yes Lisa! But you are a special mommy, the second one doesn't want to leave you and the cozy "home".It's too cold out here man!;D
Few more days,may be!!

Posted by Blogger Asha @ 5:45 p.m. #
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