Friday, June 13, 2008

Wall-e Coming Soon!

Ok... here is a confession: I’m absolutely in love with all Pixar cartoons… All of them.

I just can’t believe how good these guys are. I love them so much, that when last year I had a very good opportunity to get the Ratatouille DVD for free, I chose to go out and buy it at a regular price, because I wanted the guys who worked on it to get something out of my purchase.

Because they deserve it.

Really, who else can you depend on for coming out with quality product on a regular basis? I can’t even remember when I last went to a movie cinema and wasn’t disappointed… It would have to be Ratatouille…

Why am I writing this? Cause I can’t contain my excitement. A new cartoon is coming out in about two weeks. Wall-e. And if he’s even half as adorable as the trailers led me to believe, it’s going to be my favourite Pixar cartoon yet.

And I’m also hoping to shift my son’s obsession from Cars (another Pixar wonder) to Wall-e. Just for variety sake. So I started printing out coloring pages for him. (You can get very nice Wall-e coloring pages here ). I don’t think I’ll take him to the cinema yet, though. Cause if our last trip is any indication, I’ll have to leave the movie ten minutes into it, which simply cannot be allowed…

But I’m sure by the time the DVD rolls out, it will be his favourite cartoon ever.

It’ll have to, after watching mommy watch it a hundred times in a row :)

PS: Oh, and if you are looking for cool coloring pages for a girl, there is a similar type site available with coloring pages of princesses.

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