Monday, December 10, 2007

A tale of an evil mother and spinachy beans...

Let’s begin this report by reporting about a very bad mother (grammatical perfection, as usual…). An evil mother that is so selfish that she thinks that some soy spray in her soup is OK even though she’s specifically been warned that her kid is probably allergic to soy… A squirt of darn soy spray per gallon of soup which she doesn’t actually give to the baby, but consumes herself in a pretty small bowl.

And then her baby has a major rush on his behind. A hive-looking one.

I feel so guilty, I could die.

Bad, bad mother…

But honestly, I thought: it’s not like I’m giving it to him. I sprayed 1/10th of a teaspoon into a whole soup pot, and I’m the one who had SOME soup, and not him, and somehow whatever got to the milk gave him a rush (at least that's what I think happened)…

I feel like guilt is crawling up my knuckles and raising every tiny hair on my evil selfish arms…

And I am even more paranoid now

Did you know that they put soy in chocolate? In bread? In cookies? In PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING?

Those delicious nutritious Ezekiel’s wraps? They have soy…

Those carrot muffins? They have soy oil...

That organic fresh raspberry pastry? Why the heck does it have soy? What does soy have to do with organic raspberry pastry?

Why does black bitter chocolate have soy? WHY? What does soy have to do with bitter organic chocolate? Am I missing something?

What is wrong with this world?

And if you are very careful and buy sprouted bread that doesn’t have soy, then when you thaw it you’ll get this:

You probably can’t see the moisty part. The sweet-gooey-moisty part. Let me just tell you, nowhere in the ingredients does it say that it supposed to contain moisty-gooey-sweet (rotten) part.

That’s what you get when you can’t be like normal people and buy sprouted bread that contains soy.

Ah… Life is like shopping in a freezer section of a health food store -- You never know what's it gonna thaw into…

On the bright side:

I found goat butter. Yes, butter. Yummy real butter that is organic and goat milk based. And it is delicious. And has no salt.

I guess there is some food at the end of the rainbow.

But enough about that. Let’s get down to business. Lets discuss actual eatable food… Because today I had some serious munchies. And lettuce just wasn’t doing for me. So I had to come up with a seriously filling dinner. Without meat, fish, soy or nuts… (I know, I know… Enough already… But I still can’t get over it! What else is there?)

So, I made beans with buckwheat and salad.

Very alkalizing. Very green. And pretty. What more can a girl want? Allow me to share the recipe:

Any normal person can use good quality canned beans (of their favorite type). However, being on this whole home-cooked wave (and masochistically enjoying making my life more difficult) I cooked some black-eyed-peas (which are actually beans, why do they call them peas? I think they are conspiring just to confuse me…) from scratch. Basically, I soaked them, and then cooked in water with some cumin seeds and a couple of bay leafs.

Separately, in a blender (or a food processor) mix till chunky:

A bunch of cilantro
2 medium tomatoes
Roughly a bunch of spinach (really, that’s just a guideline -- however much you have is just fine…)
2 teaspoons cumin seeds (I adore cumin seeds. You can probably use less, if you don’t share the fascination.)
1 and half teaspoons fresh ginger
1 teaspoon ground coriander seeds
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon turmeric
1/2 teaspoon garam masala
Salt or salt substitute of your choice to your taste. Being desperate to invent a salt without salt or soy sauce I put in 2 tablespoons of soaked wakame. I was being creative. Luckily it worked out just fine.
Liquid from cooking the beans (or water, or stock) to the extent of how watery you like the sauce to be. I used about a cup.

All that goes into the blender (my wonderful-wonderful blender, which Alma so aptly called “a blender with a car motor”!) or food processor. Process till chunky. Pour over the beans, bring to boil and turn off the stove. Leave it covered for a while to let the flavours blend. (Alternatively you can let it simmer for five minutes if you don't mind cooking veggies. Or don't bring all the way to boil, if you are trying to do it mostly raw. The beans are cooked though -- I don't know a way around that.)

Serve over rice, quinoa, buckwheat or anything you like. (I haven’t figured out all the rules and reasons behind food combining, so I’m promptly ignoring them for now -- But I think beans over buckwheat are ok, cause I seem to recall that buckwheat is actually some sort of bean disguised as a grain… No idea why I think that… )

Serve with big salad.

By the way, the salad dressing today also worked out quite well. Olive oil/lemon/garlic and some water (to thin) blended with dill. The dill makes it green and it tastes very much like ranch dressing. Give it a shot. Quite easy, creamy and yummy.

Bon appetite everyone!

Posted by vasilisa @ 10:56 p.m.

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You're really doing a great job with this new diet. I'm sorry about the baby's bottom! I know you feel bad, but don't be too hard on yourself. You're doing great. The way you've rallied around your family, completely changed your habits and transformed your lives to make them healthier? You deserve to be Mom of the Year as far as I'm concerned.

Posted by Blogger Leslie @ 11:58 p.m. #

Hey you,
go to it is a new raw food community. you can find everything there including recipes.
Me, I try to keep it simple but with kids and hubby it is hard.

Posted by Blogger debbiedoesraw @ 11:06 p.m. #

I didn't know that soy was taking over the world? Who knew? I can imagine that you have quite a challenge on your hands.

It's so hard to get anything decent and what happens if you go out to a restaurant? You can only order water, but then you may find that even that it's made with soy.

Posted by Blogger Alexys Fairfield @ 2:36 a.m. #

Hi got your comment , I love John Robbins!
I have seen Essiac it is pretty costly but I may try it. Right now I am:
Juicing green one to two times per day
doing visualization/relaxations picturing the leukemia getting eaten up and dissapearing and alll my bdays till 100 2x per day
weight lifting and cardio one hour 3 x per week
Yoga one hour 1-2x per week
running one houre 1-2 x per week
walking 30 mins 3-4 times per week
self massage of hands neck ears and shoulders nightly
drinking one packet of green radiance daily
drinking only Smart water (distilled with electrolytes added back in)
Eating 99% raw foods, mostly veg and fruit
eating sprouted ezikiel wraps and bread
eating seeds and nuts (raw, organic if possible)
dry brushing my skin before a shower
using coconut oil for moisturizer, vit e on face, auromere toothpaste, no deoderant, natural soap
WHEW! I think that is all.. oh and going to bed at 8pm every night, getting up around 6am-7am.
Sorry, just wanted you to know all my routines.. it is a bit much and sometimes I just wanna be normal.. but now that I have been doing this normal seems very strange indeed.

Posted by Blogger debbiedoesraw @ 4:21 p.m. #
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