Sunday, September 24, 2006

homemade food without cooking...

Today kiddo went to my in-laws and had a great time. He doesn’t even miss me when he’s there. In fact, when I leave, I get none of that crying, “I miss you mommy” face or anything. Instead I get a wave and a “bah, bah”, which is toddler speak for “bye, bye”.

And he is always fed well there. Cause whenever he indicates interest in anything… Let’s just say that grandma always have strawberries, grapes, ice-cream, pizza, pasta, broccoli. (Yes, my kid LOVES broccoli. Does not take it from me, of that I’m sure.)

I went to my parents, to work on a music project. And of course, I got a fantastic home-made soup,

and loads of pancakes:

There were also some amazingly great dumplings, but they were gone so fast, I had no time to snap a pic.

Ahh... The joy of parents… How they make us feel like little kids (in a good way) even when we have our own…

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