Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Food, as promised.

But first, let me thank you all for not lynching me for the last post. I really appreciate it. The morning after I posted it I was going to delete it, but I already had comments, so I decided to let it be for the accuracy of the historical review... But I’m so grateful that people that drop by my blog are rational and not the “you are just stupid and don’t get it” kind of types. And I don’t hate you if your opinion is different from mine. It’s a free country here, so everybody is entitled to likes/dislikes and opinions… So feel free to disagree with me any time :-)

And as for the food, it was all take-out today. Precious, precious affordable and delicious Chinese take-out. How do people manage without it? I have no clue. Naturally today was one of those no-cooking days. I’m not even going to bore you with the reasons. But this was a very welcome and budget conscious meal:

What I love about Chinese food, are the sauces. The perfect ratio of liquid to gooiness that I for some reason just can’t conquer in my own kitchen. No mater how much I’ve tried. I wish I knew the secret formula. I know that it contains cornstarch, I just think there is something magical about the proportions…

I was recently reading a fascinating article about Chinese cuisine in general. Did you know that the basic form of Chinese cooking has essentially been formed 3000 years ago? (For comparison, the classic French cooking has been systematized around 300 years ago, at the end of 18th century, and has since been only polished/perfected.) That’s 3000 years of history of perfecting cooking methods and dishes. For some reason that fascinates me. Just a thought that 3000 years ago people might have been eating pretty similar stuff to the stuff I get at my local take-out place. That I’m somehow part of a never-ending chain of rice/noodles/tofu lovers.

And that makes me feel special.

Posted by vasilisa @ 12:43 a.m.

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I think the 3,000 year thing is pretty neat too. Just think the only differences are that there were no styrofoam containers or cute little cardboard take out boxes! Fortune cookies? Hmmmm...

Posted by Blogger Anali @ 1:53 a.m. #

3,000 years...so that's why it's so irresistible!

I have yet to find a really good Chinese take-out spot in Richmond. There's a Chinese place directly across the street from my building, but they just can't do tofu the way I like it. *sigh* I'm still searching...

Posted by Blogger Kelley @ 9:08 a.m. #

I love Chinese...especially General Tso's Chicken. Yum.

Posted by Anonymous Leslie @ 12:15 p.m. #

When you have rice EVERY DAY as a child, 3000 years sounds about right. I hated Chinese good growing up, but now I love it.

Posted by Anonymous Daddy Forever @ 9:50 p.m. #

With a daughter who was born in China, we eat LOTS of Chinese take-out!

Also, thanks for the link, Vasilisa!

Posted by Blogger PunditMom @ 10:53 p.m. #
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