Monday, January 22, 2007

A completely random update on a whole bunch of things...

No more taxi driving, yeah! The position has been delegated back to hubby, and he’s managing just fine…

Winter is here, snow is abound, things are normal, global warming is on TV, where it belongs…

There was cooking! And it wasn’t just spaghetti! There was a whole stewed vegetable thing going on! Am so proud!

I might find the gender of my baby tomorrow. If the docs stop playing games with me. Cause can you imagine a WHOLE HOUR of ultrasound, with a technician making “wow”, “oh” and all the other sounds while the monitor is TURNED AWAY from you, and then she says “I know the gender but am not allowed to say”… What’s up with that? Hopefully she told it to my doctor, cause I’m not one for suspense of this kind if it can be avoided… I NEED to know…

The secret project is stalling, due to somebody getting more and more disfocused, messed up, and otherwise stressed out with the whole “baby on the way” thing.

Pondering packing the bag for the hospital. I know it’s more than a month away, but still… What if I forget something? Step one that has been initiated – told the hubs to bring the suitcase from the basement. That was a week ago. He has yet to do that… So I guess at that rate a month for packing is perfectly reasonable…

We have attempted to explain the purpose of potty to the kiddo. “Attempted” is the key word. For some reason the kid now thinks it’s a kind of car on which you can sit and demand that daddy rides you around the room… Great parenting skills 'r us...

Posted by vasilisa @ 7:58 p.m.

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I wonder why they won't tell you the gender? The ultrasound technician told us as soon she could tell Julia was going to be a girl. (I had to know, too.)

Hopefully you'll find out soon.

Posted by Anonymous Leslie @ 10:22 p.m. #

What is the deal with that? Shouldn't you know by now? You're only a month or so away, right?

Posted by Anonymous Daddy Forever @ 10:33 p.m. #

Ridiculous, isn't it? For some reason in Canada technicians can't tell you. They are not allowed. It has to go to radiologist and then to doctor... So even if they know, they can at most show you the area and not say anything... but on those ultrasounds it's practically impossible to say what you are looking at (to a non-expert), cause even though they for some reason can say "this is a hand", "this is a leg", etc..., they can't name the telling parts... And this time they didn't even show me the area... The examination took so long, they kinda just wanted to get over with it (at least that's the vibe I got).

I also had another ultrasound a few months ago, but they didn't tell me or the doctor anything about the gender -- I presume because the baby wasn't cooperating. But I'm so anxious to know...

Posted by Blogger vasilisa @ 1:50 a.m. #

Always enjoy reading your posts. You have a wonderful sense of humor. Your kid's potty attempts made me laugh. My daughter loves to sit on her potty trainer and watch TV:)

Posted by Anonymous Hema @ 1:43 p.m. #

Glad you're back!

There's a helpful post about hospital bag packing (of course, I know you've done this before and you know what you're doing!) over here. It's also a really great blog in general.

Keep us posted on the gender. That's so exciting!

Posted by Blogger Kelley @ 9:37 a.m. #

If you want to know the gender,it's your right to know!!Who is she to not to let you know!!Ask your doctor instead.
Anyway,pack your own bag.If you rely on the hubby,you will end up no clothes in the hospital!:))
Good luck and I can't wait to hear the baby news!:))

Posted by Blogger Asha @ 2:32 p.m. #

Hema: Potty is terrifying... He just doesn't seem to get the point yet... He thinks it's a car/chair/toy... :-)

Kelley: that's a hell of a list! I'm going through it right now, and typing out my own! Thanks a million!

Asha: I have no idea why they make so much fuss about it! I finally found out, and I'll update on the next post :-) And you right about hubs -- last time he didn't want to take the bag at all, cause he wasn't sure I'm actually going into labour... Lucky I didn't listen!

Posted by Blogger vasilisa @ 10:06 p.m. #
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