Monday, March 30, 2009

Meet my New Friend -- Mascara

Lately I have been obsessing a lot about makeup. With the kids getting older and more independent I finally get a chance to get out of the house now and then. And suddenly I want to look good again.

I’ve never been much into makeup when I was a teen. I was probably one of the very few girls in my class who sported the not-so-fashionable-for-teens natural look. I carried that into my jobs as well. My official line was always that I just don’t care. The truth is that I was a bit too lazy. The drag of having to put on makeup every morning and then wash it off at night just didn’t go well with me. Not to mention that I had (and still do have) incredibly sensitive skin and finding things that won’t irritate it was next to impossible.

But something changed lately. Now that I entered my thirties, I suddenly crave things like mascara. I think it’s the best option for the lazy me. It’s quick and easy to put on and take off. It can look natural or funky. And it’s easy to find a non-irritating type. It’s as if I’ve finally got into the teenagehood and want to experiment… Though, at this point I don’t venture beyond mascara and a bit of eyebrow pencil.

But I’m having fun. I feel like a girl again. I feel younger now than I did five years ago. And boy do I enjoy those long-volumized-separated-curled-huge lashes.

I guess, better late than never :)

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Posted by vasilisa @ 5:13 p.m.

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I saw this post pop in my feed reader and I was like, "What?!" How have you been?

I prefer the natural look, too. Although, I almost always wear mascara.

I'm glad you're having fun with it! I've just started painting my nails. It makes me feel all girly!

Posted by Anonymous Leslie @ 9:47 a.m. #
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