Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Birthday!

My big kiddo is two years old today… Two years… I can’t believe it’s been two years since that longest day of my life. Since all that back labor, pushing, screaming and suddenly holding the most amazing tiny human being in my arms that has changed my life forever. Two years since I went from an I’m-not-sure-who-I-am-and-what-am-I-doing-with-my-life to a Mom.

And the time flew by way too quick. It seams like yesterday I was making sure his head doesn’t wobble, and today I’m trying to chase him as he speeds up the stairs yet again… Where did my baby go? When did it happen? When did he go from not being able to reach for anything to doodling over all my stationary? How did that first “ah” sound turn into a loud “gimmy car!” one?

My dear kiddo. I want you to know that these two years have been the best years of my life. I have never been this happy before. I never even knew that I could be this happy. Watching a human being grow from a “lets start a family” to a running laughing individual is the greatest adventure in life. You make me happy and proud every day. Even when you through tantrums, cause I know you are just defending your own “you”, and finding your boundaries. Though it can be frustrating, we all must do that at some point.

You are two years old now. You love cars, planes and trains. You love fire-trucks. You point out every school-bus we see on the road. I’ve never seen so many busses before. You’ve definitely expanded my view of the world :-)

You love your apple juice beyond anything that is reasonable and go through at least 10 bottles a day. (Don’t worry bout the sugar, honey, I dilute the juice with very healthy water for you.)

You’ve learned the names of all your uncles and aunts and everyone melts when you say it. And that’s a lot of names… But the best word you say is “mama”. You say it over and over when we are riding in the car, and mama always responds. You wouldn’t have it otherwise… And neither would I…

You love watching your “penguin” cartoon (which you call “panan”, and you get very upset when the credits roll. So we have to skip the credits to save everyone from going deaf…

You are very shy around other kids. But you are also very friendly and generous. Whenever you see kids playing with toys, you bring them more toys. And if someone is reading a book, you bring more books. And you never let mama forget her notebook…

You make sure everyone wears shoes around the house, you make sure that we take off our glasses and watches before we go to sleep, and that mama always remembers to do the laundry -- and you always help.

You turned out to be an amazing big brother. You pass me hats, you pass me diapers… You alert me when the baby is crying… You kiss and hug the baby… You even tried to share your favorite car with him.

And yesterday, when mama fell asleep on the couch, you brought me a blanket… Because that’s just the way you are.

And I’m very grateful that you chose me to be your mama.

I love you, honey.

Happy Birthday…

Posted by vasilisa @ 9:18 p.m.

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Oh, Happy Birthday to your big kiddo! He's just adorable in that picture and it sounds as if he's one fabulous and thoughtful boy.

Posted by Anonymous Leslie @ 12:06 a.m. #

Happy Birthday, kiddo! My son is the opposite. He's not shy around other kids and with his baby sister, he takes anything she touches.

Posted by Anonymous Daddy Forever @ 12:17 a.m. #

Happy Birthday to Kiddo # 1. Maybe next year, the kids can have a joint party. I have a special place in my heart for Aries. They are wonderful, innovative and awesome Souls.

It's too bad that they have to grow up. I love that age.

Posted by Blogger Alexys Fairfield @ 12:17 a.m. #

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you kid!!I wish I knew your name!!!Many happy and healthy returns of this day.

Lisa,(I wish I knew your name too!!)boys make great sons when you show them the way!He covered you with blanket bcos of your nurturing,be proud of yourself and say thank you to him!We mommies don't take enough credit for ourselves often.Good job Lisa.I am sure your son will be as great as his brother.
Give him a hug from me and hugs to you too.Take care and enjoy all tiny moments:))

Posted by Blogger Asha @ 5:01 p.m. #

Happy Birthday, Big Guy!
Vasilisa, you made me cry a little tear.

Posted by Blogger peepnroosmom @ 9:07 p.m. #

Beautiful! I love the pic, too!

Posted by Blogger PunditMom @ 1:29 p.m. #

I hope your kiddo had a wonderful birthday! That is such a wonderful age! My two daughters (12 and 27) just celebrated their joint birthday on April 3 and the wonder of being a mother may change over the years but it never diminishes!

Posted by Blogger Deborah Dowd @ 9:15 p.m. #

Belated happy birthday to your kiddo. He looks so cute. I especially like the pictures in the same chair a few years apart... Wishing him wonderful years ahead.

Posted by Blogger Mandira @ 12:29 p.m. #

Happy Birthday to your beautiful dear boy! Oh this post made me tear up!

Posted by Blogger Anali @ 1:53 a.m. #
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