Monday, November 06, 2006

Don’t read this if you don’t want you appetite ruined… I’m not kidding… This is not a post with nice recipes… You’ve been warned…

Not home… Not cooking… You know the drill…

So, yet another filler post…

Ahem… I’m flat out of ideas… Need… to… write… something… now…


Ok… So…

How was your weekend?

Mine was great, thank you for asking… Morning sickness paid a solid revisit, you know, just so I don’t forget about it and all… Cause you know, there are some naïve people out there who think that morning sickness can be cured by a cracker, and that it goes away after the first trimester…

Yup… Sure…

Dream on…

Though, apparently it’s true, unless you end up being one of about 1 or 2% of women who get it THE WHOLE DARN NINE MONTHS!!! What the heck is up with that? Why couldn’t I win the other lottery? Like those couple of women out of humanity who don’t even realize they were pregnant till they suddenly pop out a baby? LIFE IS NOT FAIR!!!

And who came up with the “morning” part of it? Really? Who was that creative? What is so "morning" about anytime during the 24 HOURS OF THE DARN DAY? Or those days when it’s ALL DAY LONG? Please, if you know that person, tell them I said “hi”…

Yes… I’m sure that’s what you wanted to hear… Coming from a cooking blog and all…

But, at least if you know the back-story, you’ll give me more credit for those days when I’m actually trying to cook…

Like tomorrow… Totally planning to…

See? I even did my groceries… At 12 AM…

Cause I really am a good girl...

With tons of excuses…

(And even more dots...........)

Posted by vasilisa @ 1:31 a.m.

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Sorry to hear about your 9-month all day sickness. My wife was lucky, she only got sick at night. I was even luckier since I'm a guy.

Posted by Anonymous Daddy Forever @ 2:11 a.m. #

Hi Vasilisa,
I can't say that I have ever had that experience, because I have not been pregnant, but I do sympathize with you. It's never pleasant being uncomfrtable.

Sending you good vibrations.

Posted by Blogger Alexys Fairfield @ 3:40 a.m. #

Seriously, what is up with those news stories you hear about women giving birth without even realizing they were pregnant? I am so skeptical when I hear those stories. Didn't they notice the missed periods? The fetus kicking their bladder? I just find it very hard to believe.

Sorry you've been sick! Is it too early to train the little one to fetch you bon-bons while you watch daytime TV on the sofa? ;)

Posted by Blogger Kelley @ 9:01 a.m. #

Sorry about your morning sickness! I remember what that's like. I hope you get some relief soon.

Posted by Anonymous Leslie @ 10:16 a.m. #

Awww..been there done that, TWICE! and you're so right, it's not always in the hits at the oddest when you're having your yearly eval. with the manager! Yikes.
Hope you feel better!


Posted by Blogger Trupti @ 10:34 a.m. #

I am the enviable one Lisa.,which all the pregnant gals who suffer from ever lasting sickness hate:D:D Gave birth to 2 kids without a hitch or one single puke.Shopping within 26 hrs after child birth for older kid's 4th B'day:))

You are almost there, hang on Lisa!

Posted by Blogger Foodie's Hope @ 7:30 p.m. #

Daddy Forever: You really are lucky :-)

Alexys: I really need those. This whole morning sickness is incredibly demoralizing.

Kelley: I'm willing to believe them! Please! So next time that happens to me! (But honestly, whom are they kidding?)

Lesley: Thanks. I'm hoping too. At least it's better than it was in the beginning, and certainly better than in my last pregnancy. So I consider myself lucky.

Trupti: The whole "morning" thing must have been invented by a guy who'd never seen a pregnant woman! Really!

Asha: You're so lucky! My mom was the same way, but apparently I didn't inherit whatever genes are responsible for that. I still can count the "no-puke-days" on one hand. And I'm starting sixth month! (Boo hoo...)

Posted by Blogger vasilisa @ 11:17 p.m. #
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