Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Totally unrelated to cooking...

Boy, I really gotta think up a strategy about what to post when there is no actual cooking to post… Today we had left-over pie and some Japanese food. (Really legitimate reason – kid wanted miso soup. I’m sure of it. I can read his mind.) Tomorrow I’ll most likely be off to my parents…

So… what do I put in between? A poem? (Nah, if you want to read good poetry, go here… ) Another list? (Kinda out of ideas… I mean, we’ve covered weird… What else is there?) Brooding? (But I’m actually in a good mood… So nope… can’t think of any serious life-altering questions at the moment…)

So, random thoughts it is… (it are? these are? Man… I gotta reread my grammar book) Or rather, random pics I found during my very fruitful internet session while waiting for inspiration…

Virtual reality...

It's official -- I'm not driving in China...

Honey, I think you forgot to cook it...

Sometimes the wheels just don't cut it...

What's better than a nice clean shave?

And you thought you're overworked...

Well, so much for the filler post. Hopefully I'll get back to my regular nutritious programming before the cows come home...

(or swim?)

Posted by vasilisa @ 3:09 AM

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These are great! Thanks for the laugh!

Posted by Blogger PunditMom @ 11:18 AM #

Whoa! I like to joke about how the Chinese are so much more advanced, but I had no idea.

I would be caned, or something. I can't even parallel park!

Posted by Blogger Kelley @ 11:52 AM #

Love the aqua cow and bike. I better get back to work before I get caned.

Posted by Anonymous Daddy Dorever @ 12:57 PM #

They are all soo hilarious!:D
Have fun at your parents home!

Posted by Blogger Foodie's Hope @ 1:21 PM #

Love the pix, especially the swimming cow. I had the same idea about posting pix, but by the time I got finished describing them, it was another post and I didn't have room for them.

Alas, the cutting room floor is getting crowded. So much doesn't make the cut.

Posted by Blogger Alexys Fairfield @ 2:19 PM #

Haha. Cool pics.

Posted by Anonymous Hema @ 1:32 PM #

Yeah, I love funny pics... I should probably post them more often, given the collection I've accumulated on my hard drive...

Posted by Blogger vasilisa @ 6:33 PM #
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