Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Out and about...

Did I ever tell you that I live in Canada? You know, the Great White North? I bet you wanna know what it’s like here…


This is the view we get through our windshields:

And this:

And this is a typical parking lot:

Cause, you know, we drive elephants over here…

Ok, ok, just kidding. We took the kids to the African Lion Safari. Our first family outing, which, I’m proud to announce, I’ve survived in one piece. The highlights? Oh, there was a train. I think the point of the train was sightseeing, but that point was totally lost on my son, cause HE WAS ON THE TRAIN! Honestly, train versus some kind of pink bird? Train wins anytime.

We also saw a broken tree, a bus, a car without roof, a bicycle and a boat… I think there was a lion, but it got lost somewhere in the mix.

In fact, most animals did.

Except this one:


Now feel free to convince my son that we don’t drive elephants…

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Musings of a domestic-diva-wannabe…

I’ve always admired people who have self-discipline. Who can push themselves just cause they choose to. Who wake up early cause they decided to and not cause the dog is barking or the kid is crying. Who clean their houses before it gets messy and definitely not just because someone is coming over.

I want to be like that. I want to have discipline. Despite all appearances to the contrary (like my new-age philosophy fascination, artistic aspirations and complete luck of the above mentioned discipline) I full-heartedly believe in schedules, plans and discipline. I just can’t seem to get it going. I always fall off track. Even the simplest things, like cooking dinner for my family, seem like a gigantomontous task to me. Why can’t I just plan it ahead and then cook everyday? Why is it such a chore? And why can’t I keep my house together?

Sometimes I feel like I’m failing at being an adult. It’s so much easier to be a kid. Someone always does things for you. But now, with kids of my own, I have finally realized that I’m that someone. I’m the only one who can get this chaos in order. And if I don’t – it just won’t happen.

And so, I’m trying my best to enforce some discipline onto myself and make myself do things just cause I said so. And I’ve made some progress. Really. I feel so great about myself cause I’ve actually cooked dinners for a few weeks in a row (I know you don’t think it’s much, but believe me – that’s a first for me). And I have been mostly on top of the laundry situation (but that’s really thanks to my super-duper machine that is just so amazing I have no words that will do it justice).

And I feel almost proud…

Until I open the fridge and find my lovely Rubbermaid container with pineapple juice… And there is fungus floating in it…

Great going…

Thank God the kids are not old enough to grab their own drinks…

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

You know how that last post had that nice little plate with an annoyingly healthy amount of veggies and barely there serving of anything else? That’s cause I was so trying to be on a diet. And because it was a dinner the day before my birthday. The day before I so thunderously fell of the wagon, I don’t even want to think about. The day before the cake/mayo/ice-cream binge that has already lasted half a week and which I’m so ashamed off I just have to have another ice-cream to feel better…

Yah… I’m sooo really serious about loosing those 30 pounds. Sure…

But seriously…

I can’t stand looking in the mirror right now. I’m way too desperate to fit into my old clothes. Those nice fashionable pants I got a couple of summers ago. Instead of these stretchy track pants that make me look like I’m just trying too hard… Which I’m totally aware of. But I’m not gonna go shopping for anything to fit this current behind. I don’t care what those “What not to wear” people say. This rear end will not look good in anything. And there is no point in trying to camouflage it.

I’m just gonna stock up on carrots. And lots of wishful thinking. And those ancient photos of myself at 16 when I could fit into the skinny jeans my toe will probably not fit into now.

Ahh… those good old days…

Now excuse me while I go feeling all so crappy about myself and trying to believe that carrots and ice-cream are the same thing.

And please, no more birthdays…

Unless I’m turning 16 again.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Some dilly dinner

I found this recipe on Trupti’s blog, and just had to try it, given that dill is pretty much THE HERB in my kitchen. I add it to almost everything I cook, but I never thought of making it the star of the dinner.

I’m glad I tried…

I modified the dish just a little bit. Skipped the chilli powder. And cause I had no clue what “pickle masala” was, I just added some liquid from my jar with pickles and a bit of curry powder.

The result was a perfectly filling and delicious vegetarian meal.

Thanks Trupti for the inspiration!

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