Saturday, September 30, 2006

am improving

Today is a real improvement day. Not only did I make a stir-fry, I’ve made two of them!

A chicken:

And a tofu:

(Could you have told the difference without the captions?)

I read the basics about a stir-fry here, and though I didn’t do the “take the meat out” part, I followed pretty much all the other guidelines. Not that I’ve never made a stir-fry before. But I really liked the idea of pre-marinating the meat (and tofu) and soy sauce/cornstarch mix. Which I’ve never bothered to do in the past… Live and learn.

So, I’m a good girl today. Very domestic.

Which allowed my mind to be free of that guilty feeling and ponder other important things. Like my relationship with the TV. Because I realized that pregnant women should not watch it. Or at least I shouldn’t while pregnant. (And maybe never at all, cause did you see those programs about how bad TV can be for you? It was on TV the other day… So it must be so.) And not just because of the wonderful TLC specials about all the wrong things that could happen (please, TLC, I’M ALREADY FREAKING OUT! Can’t you stop those specials for just a few months? Not asking that much here…), but also for the sappy commercials and “tender moments” on every channel that make my eyes run more than a pound of freshly chopped onions. Seriously, who knew that a bank can touch your life so closely? That an insurance company cares so much about my children? Or that a boy holding the flashlight for his daddy can be the most emotional moment of my day… Because I’m a very balanced person right now.

And I can’t write anymore, cause we are going out to a bookstore. Even though it’s already 10:30 pm. And the store is some 40 minutes away. I am probably getting a new sappy book. Cause I clearly haven’t learned my lesson from the TV.

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